HFC Network

Standardized modular design, easy for
     maintenance and upgrade
Four individual high outputs up to 52dBmV
GaAs technology guaranteeing the high
SMT production guarantee the quality
Forward equalizer per each output and one return
     equalizer configuration fits in various network
Redundancy capability increases the stability of the
     network(ST model)
Max. configured up to 4 segmented return path
     transmitters(RS model)
LEDs indication in optical receiving unit simplifies
     the operation
Application of ESD and TVS technology on circuit
     increases the reliability
DS2000 optical distribution station is a high performance,four individual outputs node. With high output levels and performance to 862MHz, it provides an ideal platform for support of the evolving technologies and services in advanced HFC networks. Designed with full flexibility,DS2000 offers a variety of configurations which are ideal for analog and digital transmission, telephony and data services. Utilizing extensive modular design, DS2000 can meet any advanced network requirements.

DS2000 offers a complete scalable solution for opto-electronic deployment in any broadband system. Configured in sturdy, weatherproof rugged die-casting housing, suitable for strand or pedestal mounting, DS2000 operates over a wide temperature range and accepts cable powering 40~90V high-efficiency switch mode power supply. Internal RF connections are made with 75Ohm type connectors. RF test connections are standard type F.

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