HFC Network

Small and compact
Two individual high outputs up to 52dBmV
High link performance and low optical input level
GaAs technology guaranteeing the high
LEDs indication simplifies the operation
Strong die-casting water-proof housing
The FDN is designed to provide an economic solution to the fast growing fiber deep network. Careful attention to design and implementation of the RF circuitry provides high output levels with excellent specifications. It utilizes a receiving module to assure optimum carrier-to-noise performance and with GaAs hybrids, the output level reach up to 52dBmV. It is also able to work at very low optical input power. FDN offers a wide variety of pass band options. Diplex filters are available at 35/47, 42/54, and 65/87 MHz, allowing operation in virtually any cable system worldwide. All of the bi-directional ports are capable of passing power into or out of the unit. Configured in a sturdy,weatherproof die casting aluminum alloy housing, FDN operates over a wide temperature range and accepts cable powering from 40 – 90Vac. The unit is optional provisioned also for power supplies of 220/110Vac.

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